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Scott had Iboga for psycho spiritual reasons. 30 year old male

Tany took Ibogaine for 7 years addicted to Methadone 30 year old female

T took Ibogaine for Suboxone/methadone 23 year old male

R took Ibogaine for methadone. 21 year old male. - Ibogaine – A Mother's Story

A Mothers experience by Mrs A

A Father’s Story

K took Ibogaine for methadone 38 year old female

N took Ibogaine for psycho spiritual reasons. Male

Hayley 27 year old female psycho spiritual

Scott had Iboga for psycho spiritual reasons. 30 year old male.

Well its been a little over one month since my Iboga experience, and to be honest, things haven't changed much around me. Within me though, that's another case altogether. It almost feels like a complete upheaval of my inner world. Iboga gave me a cleansing on so many different levels, that it's difficult to comprehend fully...

I recall that during the experience it took some discomfort initially to acknowledge and release some of that subconscious baggage that I had been holding on to for so many years, which was even slightly overwhelming at times, but never did I feel in any danger whatsoever. Nor did I feel at all unloved, at any point. It was almost as if Iboga wrapped me in a cocoon of protection, while the further I delved inwardly to confront my demons, the stronger the connection became with the divine source. Only once I had completely dispelled all of those 'distractions' from my inner world did my head finally become clear. It was a new feeling for me!

This sensation remained for days, even weeks after treatment. As a result, a serious reprioritizing of many areas of my life occurred. First and foremost were my relationships with friends and loved ones, along with my relations to everyone else. The countless daily social interactions with complete strangers that I once saw as insignificant, I began to see as vital insofar as how they aggregated to reflect on me individually, but also my role within community/society as a whole. Even when I saw people being careless or inconsiderate, I no longer allowed it to affect my mood. If anything I only sympathized with others more. The switch was flicked when I came to the realization that we are all in this process together and it is not my place to judge, because who is to say that I am making better use of this 'gift of life' than anyone else... We all have these invisible strings tugging away at our soul, and whether or not we choose to obey them, there remains an evolutionary force beyond comprehension that is guiding every single one of us to where we need to be. This is what Iboga showed me, and what a gift it is to have that insight.

I do suspect that the upheaval in my inner world will soon ripple out in to all areas of my life -- I already see this beginning to take form. At the same time, I am putting far more effort in to maintaining and creating new relationships with others so I can be a part of the process for them. Iboga reminded me that those moments of genuinely connecting with others mean so much more than anything else in this world...

Overall I am just at peace with everything. My good friends have noticed this in particular and say that I have a 'glow' about me now, while the looks I get from others give me this distinct impression as well. I suspected Iboga would effect my 'aura' but was not expecting such a profound difference towards how others perceive me. Although I can't really say that all the attention from the opposite sex is bothering me :)

Along with the reprioritizing and improvements in my general well being, I am finding myself more inclined to just be, while being more able to live in the moment each and every single day without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future... I also made the commitment to myself to stop putting off all the things that I have always wanted to do. So no more procrastinating... Living the life I always wanted, and now following my dreams again. It really does feel like being born again, for the second time... ...Back to testimonials


Tany took Ibogaine for 7 years addicted to Methadone 30 year old female

I used opiates as a self medicating way to manage pain after a car accident. I also suffered from debilitating depression due to pain and some awful experiences I had growing up.

I ended up on the methadone program for 7 years and at one stage was on 120 mgs a day. I was fortunate enough to be told about Ibogaine and spent some time researching it and also had the chance to meet my provider J while he was in N.Z.

I had tried for ages to get off the Methadone program and as I have two young sons found it virtually impossible to detox off it while managing to be being a single parent.I organized to have an Ibogaine detox and at that stage had reduced to 74 mgs of methadone. I met up with J my provider and stopped methadone for about 25 hours, by that stage I was feeling really hangy and awful.

At 8 o'clock at night I had my Ibogaine dose. J was very careful to measure the amount out safely which was very reassuring to me as I was so scared knowing how terrible and sick i had felt withdrawing in the past

I found the experience to be very enlightening and felt Ibogaine gave me guidance and insight into the reasons I had ended up being addicted and this in turn helped me greatly settling back into life after opiates.

I had very intense visuals and feelings, however I definitely did not at any stage feel like my past detox experiences which was amazing to me. I am now 2 yrs off opiates and I am at polytech studying human biology so I can gain better insight into addictions and treatments. My marks are high and so is my confidence that my future will be great , which is the best gift ever after feeling like i had no future at all.

I doubt whether the success of my recovery would have been so good if it wasn't for J's caring and careful actions during my Ibogaine experience. I felt comfortable and safe and felt that J’s guidence was invaluable. I will respect him and be greatful to him for ever. .........Back to testimonials


T took Ibogaine for Suboxone/methadone 23 year old male
OK So... My opiate habit was pretty bad by the time i was 23 years old. I dont like methadone because i've always seen it as too strong , so i liked subxone because it didn't affect me as heavily but kept me on a good level. Only problem was i was injecting it everyday , hence leaving marks on my arms and my conscious. Injecting heroin for days then using suboxone to stablalize was a pretty fucked up time.

After looking online for detox treatments , someone suggested i try ibogaine. Originally after reading about Ibogaine and Iboga i thought there was no way this so called 'miracle drug' could work. This had to be some sort of scam i would tell myself. So about 2 months of research later i was pretty convinced that 'Yes' ibogaine can help me become sober again and 'Yes' I was willing to give it a shot , hell. Compared to other detox options , Ibogaine 'seemed' like a walk in the park. " You just lye down and 36 hours later 'you're detoxed' 'clean' - too easy"

I got in contact with a guy who does treatments and started emailing him , telling him my story and he decided i was a good candidate for his ibogaine treatment (certain people get turned down , eg. people with heart problems etc) He told me to get on a low dose of Methadone , because he wasn't sure about treating someone who injects Suboxone, as he had never dealt with that specific opiate addiction before. That was fine by me and probably something i should have done a long time ago anyway. He wanted me off suboxone for at least 4 weeks also so that was out of my system. I agreed and later that week i had booked flights and accomidation.

Upon ariving at the airport i was pretty sick and tired of this low dose of methadone and was feeling pretty seedy. I was pretty numb most of the day because this was the big day and my anticipation had overwealmed me with thoughts like 'is this really going to work' and 'whats it going to be like' 'will it be good/bad?' etc etc.

(I had good concern to worry but really shouldn't have , my sitter was one of the nicest and reliable guys on the planet. As far as im concerned.) So when the treatment provider / sitter , came we had a talk and after assuring him i had been drug free for at least 36 hours he decided we could do the treatment on the first night i flew in . Which i was very thankful for because withdrawals were just settting in and i wouldnt have slept that night had we not began. The sitter made me feel as comfortable as he could.

So im watching foxtel and my sitter is weighing up the dose , approx 16-20mg/kg is the average dose of Ibogaine HCI. I knew ibogaine wasn't a drug to be experimented with so there was a seriousness about the situation. Enough so that i didn't bother to watch him weigh it. Leave it to the professional, i thought , i am in his hands now. Trying to get my head in to a place that felt comfortable , and it did. I had never experienced high dose of any psychedellics before so i really didn't know how to prepare myself except just to be be at the mercy of it and hope all goes well.

That was the plan. and At Exactly 6pm.. or 7pm. either one , we began the Ibogaine treatment , which is more like a ritual than a treatment anyway. Firstly i am given 1 capsual filled with ibogaine.

This is a test dose that is to see wether or not you are allergic to it. 1 hour after that the dose is increased 2 capsuals , than another 2 ,then finally another 3. At the time of having 5 capsuals in my system and just before my last 3 capsuals i went to the toilet and could feel the effects coming on , i looked behind me and saw 4 different versions of myself.

So J gives me my last 3 capsuals and i gulp them down quickly in a swift motion because i could barely swallow or move my head. I had a thought that this treatment wouldn't work for me , or at least the hallucenations wouldn't. But i was wrong, very wrong. Heh.

I lie down on the bed , unable to move , knowing if i attempt to move i will throw up. So i stay still , and wonder , is this the real deal and is my sitter really prepared to watch me the whole time? I start to doubt things as a slight fear kicks in that this whole thing was a scam and this drug is not going to work for me , for some reason or another.

The start is a little confusing , i remember when it was kicking in heavily I had to ask myself where i am , and and left with a guilty feeling as i realize i am here to detox from opiates.

Without much warning all of my thoughs were stopped dead by a extremely overpowering blast of colours and music , experiencing a feeling i have ever never felt before , thinking "WOW , very.. Unusual drug" - it felt as if i was being transported through a black tube . It's like going to a different universe but everythings similar to Earth except you have a greater perception of everything , exteremly hard to explain , so heavenly , yet so difficult at times.

I see earth and its molecules all combining to create other molecules , i see each person as molecules and objects as molecules. everything that combines somehow turns dirty with the resin of other molecules colliding... I see Iboga , the molecule itself , i see the green molecules combing with off green and off white molecules.I look at myself and see my dirty ways of drinking and smoking have effected my molecule structure with dirty molecules making me somehow feel un pure...

Vivid halucenations take place and i am instantly transported to africa and welcomed by a tribe of people , it was amazing and mind blowing. I saw the whole Earth as it is seen from a different perspective , me my family , and everyone in the world , all connected together from outside Earth.

The hours after that go past in a blur of lights and colours . I drift heavily in to a dream like state , seeing myself and everyone else in the world linked together - from outside Earth - from an out of body experience.

I could feel the connection to the earth and the tribal people who consumed this root. I somehow manage to connect with the tribal people around a campfire , they played calming music and could feel their love. It was complete bliss.

It wasn't all good tho , it felt like most of the time i was being shocked or something because you would get a shock every now and then. Ibogaine doesn't feel that great most of the time. I had a vision of myself going back to back detoxing , trying other options , and it didnt feel good.

It felt frustrating , because i know ive tried other methods of staying clean , but none obviously worked. So that vision was prominent throughout my time and still is till this day.

Ibogaine is kind of like being happy all of a sudden then gettting electroshock therapy , then being happpy ect. ect. This medicine is not recreational . It's intense and you can't move when you're on it because you may throw up violently if you try to do so. It's hard to put everything in to a timeline. almost impossible. - Im still remembering smaller bits of the visions i had as days go by . its hard to write it all down in words and i could pretty much go on forever about that part , but i will skip ahead to the morning.

Morning comes and i am awake. i can't remember much , I feel guilty because i had such a good time. Or at least it felt that way. and i feel like im coming down off something. Avoiding getting up because im trying to make sense of everything. Didn't feel that great.

I get up for a smoke , and start feeling a lot better , euphoric and humble as i walk around. The smoke made me throwup a little. I feel clean , no opiates for about 2 days and no cravings , this was great and made me very happy.

The care my sitters had seemed overwhealming.. and i felt a sense of kindness , and compassion. The sitter would help me stand up or get to somewhere and i would thank them , meaning it deeply because i felt worthless, but at the same time positive for the future.

The brightness of the sun hurt my eyes badly so i wear sunglasses outside. My body is a little worn out but that is totally normal. I lye down for most of the day.

After the initial 8 -10 hours of tripping pretty hard you are left in a state of reflection , looking back at your life and it feels as if you've been away

from home for a long time. You miss normality and everyday kindness we take for granted. At the end of the day i look back at my life and realize i have it too good to just throw away , there are other people far worse off than me who still enjoy their lives without using or having a habit of some sort.

I am eager to get back to my home. I am pleased i at least have a home , feel like a stuck up middleclass. Here i am in a really nice apartment overlooking a beautiful beach .. all because of detox? It didn't make sense, for once i felt guilty about the way i let myself go.

Being addicted , taking iboga , and suddenly not being addicted. Very nice. It worked and it worked well. A few days and it felt like i had been clean for weeks/months. The ibogaine treatment is a very humbling thing. It made me realize a whole lot about myself , my addiction and just how easyily i could overcome it.

After iboga , addiction and drugs don't seem that important anymore . Your health is number 1 , and opiates are a fast forward button to death. It makes you switch off.

Ibogaine - stays in your system for a of months giving you nice happy feelings acting as somewhat of an antidepressant and makes a very positive way to detox from drugs because of that reason. Mentally thats a huge bonus.

3 months later and i've stayed clean of opiate dependancy. I have had many oppertunities to use heroin/opiates and could of easily slipped back in to my old routine but made a conscious choice not use opiates ever again. I did use when i got back , it didn't feel good . I have a lot to do to change my life and opiates were just getting in the way. :) .........Back to testimonials


R took Ibogaine for methadone. 21 year old male. - Ibogaine – A Mother's Story

A sense of falling into pieces, a constant dread. An acceptance that I might not have a son much longer, because all my energy, problem solving and love were not enough. Coping with a drug-addicted son had taken away my power as a mother and become my living nightmare.

Despite a normal happy childhood, my boy, my first born, cannot explain why he started experimenting with various drugs from 14 years onwards, except that he suffered bouts of depression so would take anything that would temporarily take away his emotional pain. He was naturally secretive about this, and I have only recently discovered the extent of his involvement. Over the past two years (he is now 21) he became unable to resist opiates in particular . He gradually changed from being an enthusiastic, funny, completely honest kid to a shifty pale miserable shadow of his former self. I would wake in the morning with a kind of grief settling on my heart for the day, it was as though he was lost to me. As his mother it was intensely distressing, there seemed nothing I could do to make it better. He became disinterested in food, in being clean, in people, and was always avoiding conversations with his father and me.

Methadone was suggested over a year ago by a support agency as a way of controlling his drug intake, his finances, his lifestyle. The many side effects were explained, and the addictiveness stressed, but it seemed to be the only option as his attempts to detox in the past had been unsuccessful. Initially it did seem that methadone was helping him , as he enrolled to study, and managed a routine. But it was a short-lived reprieve. The side-effects of methadone were debilitating, the awkwardness of having to go to the chemist each day for it humiliating, and the dose was increasing too slowly to give him stability.

As the situation disintegrated it was impossible to commit ourselves to anything outside this drama. Plans would be made, only to be abandoned. This was a time of high anxiety, sleeplessness, adrenaline alert. I would receive alarming texts from his friends and his sister at any stage of the day or night, as rumours surfaced about him still using needles, taking other drugs on top of methadone, and of him being 'messy'. I was having to deal with situations by making it up as I went along, with no reference point, or orientation. My sense of normality had blurred edges.

My friends and my sister were aware mostly of what was happening, and were worried and supportive. I gravitated to people who had been through vaguely similar experiences to soak up any advice or reassurance, and could not seem to take interest in anyone else.

The effect this had on my marriage eventually reached a crisis point. I decided to live by myself, where I could worry and stress and research cures. I normalised this alongside some other strange decisions. The shock of this plan of mine motivated my husband to have a talk with our son about how his behaviour was affecting us all, how we couldn't carry on like this any more. We were running out of emotional stamina. It was obvious that methadone was a ghastly alternative to real life, and there had to be some other solution.

Meanwhile our boy had discovered through the internet a naturally occurring substance called 'Ibogaine' and had been asking us to buy some for him 'just in case'. He learned that it was apparently good for detoxing from opiates, without awful withdrawals. He forwarded some you-tubes and information to us. We were cautiously interested, though puzzled that it was not one of the options offered to him through any support organisations. I was intrigued by the documentaries which seemed totally genuine, stories of heroin addicts being cured. This option was always hovering in the background as 'plan B' after methadone, but the information indicated that its implementation needed experienced supervision.

Then in September an Ibogaine conference was advertised in our local area – an opportunity to learn more about it. Contacts were made, and sourcing Ibogaine on the internet became my husband's mission. There was a promise of experienced help for administering and monitoring on a certain date. The timing was good – my son was ready to give up his addictions.

The few weeks prior to his treatment were difficult. He moved in with us, and we drove him to the chemist each day and struggled to cope with his constant grumpy fidgety needs. The Ibogaine date couldn't come soon enough. His drug debts were paid off and goodbyes were said to these 'friends'. Then just a few days beforehand he became calm and philosophical, almost as though preparing for the event.

The information we had regarding Ibogaine was that it would be a deeply introspective experience, that it is an oneiroganic substance with some possible physical danger (mainly through overdosing after treatment) - that it sort of puts a person into a state of paralysis for a few days and that after the treatment the person feels no cravings, just very tired. It was described as a sort of re-birthing, a re-setting of the brain. This all seemed quite weird, but the results too good to ignore, and I had no hesitation. The alternative nature of the substance was appealing rather than alarming. I felt as though I was entrusting my son's healing to some higher power. There was nothing to lose.

October 26

We left our son on a rainy Monday afternoon with J and T, two experienced Ibogaine providers he had met during the conference. He had taken his last methadone dose the day before. The Ibogaine would be administered that evening. I had complete trust in both these people, who were calm and professional. As we left , burning dried sage was being wafted around the house, and Tibetan gongs were sounding. The atmosphere was quietly determined, healing and ritualistic. The next few days were going to be tough for our boy but he was meeting the challenge with courage and dignity. A dignity that had eluded him for years. We left him with hugs and faith.

A friend emailed me:
You are so stretched out on the precipice of trust and hope--like a strained rope
CS Lewis describes the feelings in “Letters to Malcolm”
"All may yet be well. This is true. Meanwhile you have to wait----- and while you wait, you have to go on living---if only one could go underground, hibernate, sleep it out. And then the horrible by-products of anxiety; the incessant circular movements of the thoughts, even the temptation to keep watch for irrational omens. And one prays; but mainly such prayers as are themselves a form of anguish. Some people feel guilty about their anxieties and regard them as defects (of faith, or strength)I don't agree at all. They are afflictions---- not sins, or weakness."

A few days later, when it was OK for me to visit him, it was obvious that something close to a miracle had occurred. He was lying in bed with his eyes shut, curled up and shivering slightly. He spoke quietly in quick short gasps, that it was 'intense', and that he 'should be feeling so bad by now but doesn't' (it had been four days with no methadone, alcohol, cigarettes, benzodiazepine). He described some of the Ibogaine-induced visions and told me he had a panicky conviction he was dying, but then had accepted it. He was smiling even with his eyes shut, and I realised I hadn't seen him smile for a very long time. It was very exciting.

The atmosphere in the house was loving, supportive, purposeful. J (and T) had watched over him in turns like a couple of guardian angels, standing in the doorway throughout that first night, helping him walk during the first few wobbly days , running baths for him with Epsom salts, and flower petals. Talking to him. Playing beautiful music. Cooking him healthy food. After about three more days he was then handed back to us with specific instructions as regards vitamins, (fish oil, magnesium, vitamin B) diet (wheat-free, dairy-free for a while), exercise. It was a relief to have instructions to follow.

It is now six weeks to the day our lives changed. Our lovely boy continues to gain in strength. He is calm, free of cravings, and pleased to have money and the freedom to make plans. He has put on weight, is tanned from being outdoors, and has offers of work. Most importantly, he is no longer a drug addict. I take strange pride that he has beaten highly addictive chemicals with a natural substance and expert care by alternative health professionals. Ibogaine has freed him, and our family.

One Year Later:

It's nearly a year now since R's Ibogaine treatment - I'm not sure if he keeps in touch with you - but I'd like you to know that things still seem to be going really well for him.  He is settled in Auckland with a great job in an organic food shop which is has slowly gained physical strength from, is flatting with a bunch of people who 'do their own thing' but are mainly cool - and he has a new girl in his life - B - who he is bringing down to Dunedin for us to meet on his birthday in a few weeks.  He doesn't keep in constant contact but always sounds cheerful when we do connect.

Meanwhile I see some of his old friends around still in the same messy rut and my heart sinks for them.  We were so fortunate with our boy.
I hope everything is going well for you, bless you a thousand times. .........Back to testimonials


A mothers experience by Mrs A
My son's story - His addictions Cured!
James, the youngest in our family of a sister and 3 older step sisters and brothers, was a delightful, happy, outgoing child.  A pleasure to be with and a joy to be a parent of.  Out of the blue, that all changed when, in his early teen years he rapidly spiralled into a darkness that was overwhelming to him and everyone around him.

Looking back on those years, I realise that James probably started with Party Drugs in the last few years at school.  He became more introverted and was difficult to communicate with.  He moved away from sport, and, it was the party/rave scene that interested him.  I was not aware of his drug use which is a pathetic excuse but sometimes you choose to overlook what is right in front of you.  Instead, I put these changes in James all down to him trying out his adolescence.  I hoped that this was just a phase he was going through and would grow out of it - how wrong could I have been? 

During the last 8 years we have watch with increasing distress, James yoyo between addictions and treatment.

I would describe myself as a positive person and after working as a health care professional in a major Melbourne Hospital for over 30 years, thought I could cope with the worst of medical and mental problems.  None of this prepared me for this life and death battle with James’s addictions and the subsequent life style that he lived and coped with every day.  I totally believed in the medical system and its practitioners and thought it to be a caring and resourceful system. As he bounced from closed door to closed door, I realised that the system is fundamentally flawed with huge cracks that addicts can slip through.

Many good meaning friends and the long list of experts I had contacted constantly pointed out the reality of the problem and the hopelessness of our plight.  It was repeatedly suggested that "tough love" was my only option but that was something I was just not prepared to do.  Getting that advice was easy, finding an answer was not and locating suitable facilities and care seemed impossibility.

It was clear that James wanted to have a life that was drug free but the end point seemed to be unobtainable.  He tried  Suboxone and Subutex but neither managed to hold him.  It was then recommended that he try Methadone.  The many scary side effects were explained, and although he had heard some horror stories about it's own addictiveness, it seemed to be the only option left.  It hardly seemed a cure but what else could we do?

Methadone proved to be a living hell not only for James but for us. James was vague, looked like he was doped and tried to deaden his pain by increasing his alcohol intake to toxic levels.  He couldn’t cope with life, no matter how little it had been reduced to, slept very little and his behaviour was erratic. He longed for his life to be over so that he could have a rest from the restlessness of his addictions.  As a family, we were at our whits end. There now were collateral damages as we and his siblings were faced the very real option of loosing James forever.

Then, out of nowhere we heard about Ibogaine. Firstly through a friend who had "found" it on the internet (although she thought we would need to travel overseas for treatment) then, only a matter of days later, again it surfaced  through a family member who quite independently had found out that it was available in Queensland.  During that time, James picked up a magazine and once again, if front of us, there was an article about an addicts experience with "Ibogaine".  It was like the universe was putting it out there - begging us to look at this option. 

We contacted a sitter and told him our story and from that minute onwards our life had a direction and most importantly hope.  We both knew that  James could not go on with Methadone and there was nothing else that the medical community could offer him.  Medical checks were performed (an ECG and Liver function tests had to be passed) and bookings were made.  As we journeyed up to Queensland we both realised that this was it - if this didn't work, we had run out of options.  James was scared that it would be painful like the other detox's he had tried but was quietly determined and confident that this was going to be a success and from the minute we actually met our sitter I knew we had a chance.  I was privileged to be a part of James's treatment, I was with him when he entered the world and I would be there with him when he went through the fight for his life.    I stayed next door for the 3 days of intensive treatment while James was cared for by the sitter and  a trained naturopath.

The treatment  was conducted in a very beautiful place, full of calm vibes and energy, where James was kept peaceful and nurtured. During that time, James was monitored 24/7 and watched over.   I was looked after too and kept informed as to his progress and condition.  At no stage did I feel that James was in danger or uncomfortable.  I moved in with him for the next 10 days and we continued on in the regime that had been set by the sitter.  No alcohol, no caffeine, organic healthy food, vitamins, herbal linctus, massages and most importantly "wheat" and "dairy" free.  James was tired and weak but on a journey of discovery, working out who he was and coping with the realisation that he could now face a life of options and open doors.  Our life became focused on the goodness in food and a healthy lifestyle which we have continued on with now we are at home.

When James finally started sleeping he quickly became stronger and started a daily exercise regime which included swimming in the sea and some time soaking up the sun.  He looked healthy for the first time in many years and started to put on some much needed weight.  Our relationship blossomed as he no longer had to lie to me to get what he needed for his fix, or steal, or scam from unsuspecting friends and relatives.  We both knew we had been through something "huge" and doing it together was my joy rather than my chore.

To say that the treatment was a "miracle" seems to be giving it some surreal quality that really doesn't describe the transformation I found in James.  To say that it is a "cure" is absolutely correct.  The first thing my son said to me after his Ibogaine treatment was that he was "free". He was free from the darkness of his addictions and left with an excited feeling about his future.  He was free from all addictions, not only Heroin but alcohol and smoking as well.  A smile that almost circled his face echoed his soaring spirit.

It is now six weeks since our lives changed.  My lovely boy continues to gain in strength.  He is over the moon at having his life back and the freedom from the daily struggle to support his addiction.  Although still physically exhausted – every day he is growing stronger and his thought processes are rational.  His anger and frustration is gone.  He seems to now know and understand the difference between right and wrong and realises that there are consequences to all his actions.  He now realises that his life if precious and is to be lived purposefully.

Most importantly, he feels his life is not controlled by his addictions.  We are all well aware that what has been a life-long addiction will take a life time of diligence to curtail but this is huge step in the right direction. He will need new friends and new surroundings to try and make his break from his old life.  All of this he is prepared to do and I take strange pride that he has beaten highly addictive chemicals with a natural substance and sheer determination together with caring and expert care.

I believe that given the chance, James can now be a rational, reasonable and perhaps exceptional member of society and live a full life.  Addictions happen, I have no idea why or understand the mechanism behind them but also, thank god, a cure can happen and when it does, as his mother, I pray that he gets the chance to live a long, normal, happy life.  I shudder to think where James would have been today without Ibogaine and the support and caring from these fabulous people.  My only sadness is that is this not available more freely  to other more unfortunate people out there who don't have the support and resources what we did.

We owe the sitter and the naturopath everything!! At last there is an answer to a problem that until recently had no solution.

From the bottom of my heart, together with my family, I thank you both for giving us our son and our life back, you are amazing! ..............Back to testimonials


October 2010.

A Father’s Story

Christopher, my youngest son, then aged 18, informed me in 1999, that he was addicted to heroin and had been “on it” in increasing dosages for almost 2 years when he had lived with his mother in New South Wales.

I was quite devastated and although I knew that he smoked Marijuana and had dabbled in “party drugs” the thought of him getting to the stage of actually injecting heroin came as a complete shock, particularly for somebody who had and still has, a fear of needles!

Naturally, as a loving father, I sought out possible treatments and support systems for him and was absolutely shocked and discouraged to discover the lack of proper resources and any sort of medical formal structure to help someone in Christopher’s predicament who didn’t want to be an addict.

His original doctor, Michael Kozminsky, at that time was performing what was then regarded as “cutting edge” medicine to treat Christopher using “Rapid Detox” under heavy sedation in a hospital environment which was very gruelling but the results of which seemed to show some promise.

What followed, however for the next ten years was a vast array of treatment options, supervised by Kozminsky ranging from psychological counselling, Naltrexone tablets, further stays in hospital undergoing a slow supervised detox, Naltrexone implants, Subutex, Suboxone and finally Methadone.

For anyone who is reading this story, they would probably be only too aware of what accompanied these ten years was an absolute hell of thefts, lies, complete lack of trust, scams, deceit, drug dealing to support his habit, paying off debts and drug dealers, getting some of my prized possessions out of the pawn shops of Richmond (some for the 5th time), family disruption and anger and the ever present danger that Chris’s next hit could kill him. The experiences of attending Dr Kozminsky’s clinic over a 10 year period made me aware of the huge social problem that is “out there” and to all extent and purposes is largely ignored by our so called “medical system” which is clearly failing us All, not just the addicts!

Christopher had been clean in 2008 and part of 2009 but when he returned to Melbourne in July 2009 the rollercoaster started again after he met one of his old Vietnamese dealers at a job he was working on in Richmond.

Earlier this year, my wife, and Christopher’s Stepmother, Susie, discovered “Ibogaine” on the internet and after viewing some testimonials on You Tube by former addicts I was convinced that it must all be some sort of a scam to pray on “innocent addicts” and their families! It couldn’t possibly be the answer, could it, after ten years of hell???? It all seemed too easy and to say I was sceptical would be an understatement. Susie, however, continued to bombard Christopher and me with literature and web links on Ibogaine and after Christopher started to express some interest (it had to come from him) I decided to delve deeply into Ibogaine and its treatment options.

I spoke on the telephone with Medical experts in Mexico who were only too willing to give their time and often rang me back long distance only to spend an hour talking on the telephone at their expense. Other Ibogaine proponents were contacted mainly by email and once again almost without exception were willing to provide their time, knowledge and caring assistance. Clearly there was something here and it wasn’t a scam after all or at least didn’t appear to be.

Around this time I contacted J whom I had found on the internet and we initially communicated for at least a couple of months by email and then more latterly by telephone. J came across as a deeply committed and caring individual and the decision was made to have the treatment in Queensland in May of this year.

As we flew up to Queensland and for the preceding days since we had made the decision to go I kept reinforcing the point to Christopher that this really was his “last chance” despite the fact that there had been many other “last chances” but it was clear to me that this time Christopher really understood what this meant as his last weeks had seen him almost disowned by his family after some serious breaches of family trust.

J met us at the Airport and we travelled to a lovely coastal location that was not only beautiful but was also calming; a perfect setting for what we all hoped would be his rebirth. J and  A, were absolutely amazing and for the first day we talked about our mutual experiences with Heroin whilst

we waited for Christopher to start “hanging out” so J could start the treatment. This took a little longer than we thought and went into the second day but it gave us both extra time to get to know J and discover what an amazing, caring and totally committed person he is.

In the morning, I spoke with Christopher for an hour or so before he was to take his first dose of Ibogaine and left him in the care of J and A who, remarkably, performed a “24 hour watch” taking it in turns to make sure that Christopher was not in any distress. J kept me informed regularly by SMS messages over the next day or so but as his father I have to say I couldn’t help but worry about him even though I knew he was in good hands.

On the third day I was able to see Christopher and whilst he was extremely tired and absolutely exhausted I knew that I was witnessing something special. Christopher was very weak and had no appetite to speak of for several days after but each day he seemed to grow stronger both physically and spiritually. He said that after his amazing experiences which he likened to a “religious awakening” during his treatment he now felt free of his addiction. A major side benefit of this was also the fact that he gave up smoking for some time after but although he is back on them the quantity per day is nothing like what it was and he no longer felt a compulsion to smoke.

It is now six months since Christopher’s treatment and I have just come back from Cairns (where Christopher is now living) having celebrated his 30th birthday. There are times when I was convinced that he wouldn’t make it to 30 but I can now say that he is drug free, has no urges nor thoughts or dreams of using heroin again and that for the first time in ten years I am confident about his future.

I have thought about Ibogaine and our experiences with it over that time and to describe it as a “miracle cure “ would probably be too extreme, but what it did for Christopher was to give him both a spiritually awakening experience and his first true break in ten years from the physical and psychological cravings for Heroin.

The true evil in all of this is not the poor unfortunate dealers who traffic in this insidious drug (who are mostly addicts themselves) but a combination of the “Mister Bigs” who rule the heroin trade and the Politicians and Bureaucrats that lack the foresight and social responsibility to effectively deal with this social disaster by “thinking outside the circle” rather than continuing with “more of the same” Policies that at the end of the day have really failed to truly help anybody.

Christopher and I and his whole family owe J and A an immense debt of gratitude for giving him his life back, something we could never repay other than to advocate Ibogaine as a treatment protocol for addictions................................Back to testimonials


K took Ibogaine for methadone 38 year old female
My Ibogaine Experience:-
I was addicted to opiates for about 12 years and had tried everything that I knew of to try and get off. After researching Ibogaine for a few years, the opportunity finally arose for me to take some. My provider was a man whose care was amazing. I always felt safe, informed and extremely well taken care of. I was very privelaged and lucky to have J share my Ibogaine experience, I don't think it would have gone so well or been successful if he hadn't been there to take care of me and reassure me that what I was experiencing was ok.

To consume a non opiate based plant and feel your withdrawal symptoms disappear is so incredible, it's hard to comprehend until you experience it. And to come off methadone in the past was a nightmare with full on withdrawal symptoms for 3 weeks solid. After Ibogaine, the withdrawal for me was like a picnic compared to a regular detox. I still had symptoms but the Ibogaine left me feeling calm and determined, it was easy to get through it.

Since then I have had breast cancer and not relapsed, which to me really is a testimony in itself..... before Ibogaine a situation like that would have lead to drug use. I have now been drug free for almost 3 years and it's the best feeling in the world. Thank you Ibogaine, but most of all, thank you to my provider. You are an extraordinary human being and anyone who gets you as a provider is surely blessed. .................................................Back to testimonials

N took Ibogaine for psycho spiritual reasons. Male

But I'm getting distracted, this was always meant to be a note of belated thanks more than anything else - so .... .... ....

Cheers, my man!

I'm always blown away by those that not only make a life out of helping to give people back to themselves but who do so in such a way as to risk the wrath of societies arse-backwards hierarchy.

I don't know if ibogaine had anything to do with me deferring from my course and upping stumps to S.E. Asia or the uncanny flow of events that surrounded the whole thing but I guess it's not really important. I'd been obsessed with the idea of seeing the world beyond our bat-shaped borders for many years and to finally do so certainly helps in shedding my idea of myself as an endless procrastinator. It's been a blast, anyway, and I'm off to China to teach there in about a month. I'll make sure to send you some photos in due course and hope to catch up around the end of next year when I think I'll be making my way back home.

All the very best to you both - wishing you peace, tranquility and goodwill from across the wild and desperate deas,

Your pal,

Nick .....................................................................Back to testimonials


Hayley 27 year old female psycho spiritual

Before my treatment, for around a month I made sure I was healthy as I could be, meaning taking my vitamins and trying to eat the best I could before the treatment as the Iboga is quite heavy on the body, I did  still drink coffee every day and had chocolate and was eating lots of curries as that was all I craved at that time for some reason.. A couple of days before the treatment I went to the docs and got an ecg to make sure my heart wasn't skipping any beats and then arrived at my sitters with mum on the morning of my treatment... I had to fast completely on the day of treatment which was quite difficult for me as I was so used to eating constantly and I got low blood sugar usually. I was allowed to eat some red paw paw though and also lots of water as the iboga dehydrates the body alot..
An hour before treatment, my sitter walked me down to what he calls *fairy land* which is at the bottom of a beautiful property , it is a small place surrounded by lots of big trees and a creek and he had me connect with nature and left me alone there for about 15 mins to send up my worries, confessions and my hopes and wants of what I wanted from the Iboga, he had me knock 3 times on a couple of trees  as trees are the antennas to the universe . So I gave my confessions so I wouldn't be holding onto anything while under the Iboga as it cleanses your whole being. I said all the things I did that were wrong and that I was ashamed of, also said what I wanted from the Iboga and asked the gods and goddesses to be there with me and also asked all the elements, fire, air, water and earth to guide me through and to connect with them all, I gave my whole being up to the universe and let all my fears go and basically sacrificed my soul to the light. I also asked that I remember all that I saw in my visions and that I would be more calm and loving towards people after my treatment.. You ask whatever you would like..
I was also asked to wear all white.

I then went to the toilet  as when you take the iboga, you wont want to get up but if you have to, you have to have your sitter take you to the toilet as you wont be able to walk.. your body is very shaky when you try to get up and you wont be able to see properly either..everything will look like ripples in the air when you open your eyes..
After my first dose of Iboga I was to lay down for an hour and I wasn't feeling anything,  after 2 hours I was still able to talk properly and move around fine, so I had  more and waited 2 more hours, which at that point my vision was a bit fuzzy and I couldn't walk properly and I could hear buzzing in my ears which are the supposed flies/bees that guard the space between the physical realm and spiritual one..I also felt a warmth in the centre of my body which felt like pure love and I indulged in that feeling, fully embracing it through my whole body..I also felt like my soul was being massaged. its hard to describe properly but I felt my soul being pulled out of my body from each side of my body, one by one, first from my right side, then my left, then down through the bed, then up above the bed and then my legs, and my upper body..it felt really surreal and amazing and I was trying to be completely relaxed and was hoping if I was relaxed enough, my body would end up moving right out of my body which it did a time later and I was hovering over my body from my crown chakra right at the top of my head, at that time I realised that what I was feeling was the disconnection of my senses from soul to body and that all souls carry the physical body from just above it..the souls aren't actually in the body, we just think and feel it does, that is why sometimes when we are half asleep we feel our souls slam back into our bodies as if we just fell down..its letting go of the attachment to the physical sense body..  Before I went under the Iboga, I was a bit worried as to what I would be open to being out of my body, as I didn't want to see any scary ghosts or negative things, but while under the Iboga, all that fear was gone and what it was replaced with was complete love and pure energy and that only happened just after I left my body.. Connecting with the source that we all come from, I realised that what we all feel in the physical realm is what our minds make of it and everyone around us...We all forget that perfect place that we all originate from and that we can access it whenever we want to just by tuning in...I never knew this was possible until I accessed it.. Along with the perfect feeling came endless knowledge. I started asking questions in my mind of things I wanted to know and always before I finished asking the questions, the answer came, and not in words..but in visuals..and I was able to interpret the visuals into word form..

I also saw number slides like in the movie The Matrix and wondered why I was seeing this..I saw visuals like raining stars in the sky moving like what you would see similar to a computer screen saver... I was also told that the mind knows everything before anything happens or before you think something, and that if your thinking of something that you want, it instantly knows if you have any future doubt on obtaining or receiving the thing you want and stops you from having it.. It also explained that time is moving at a faster rate and its making people feel rushed and more stressed at this time in the world and that we had to try and connect more with the source to not let this effect us negatively..
I also lost all attachment to the outside world and its pleasures  such as, judgements, hate, people, money, material objects.. I found that you don't take any of these when you leave this life and that everything is impermanent, and that what lasts is the love you feel within yourself and what you show to others..not what they show to you as its all about how you perceive things and what emotions you attach to them..  We are all the same and from the same source and there is no one separate from us, whether they be the most beautiful person in the world, or a murderer..we are all made up of the same stuff..Just some people are more lost than others and others are more disconnected from their own selves and lose themselves in the  never ending physical senses that keep causing more pain and suffering..
Iboga also causes nausea and possible vomiting and diarrhea.. If you look upon this as if its the Iboga cleansing you completely by making these things happen, you will be able to handle it alot better...
With my process...I had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea all at the same time!! I was hoping I would vomit and have diarrhea as I felt like something was attached to my being, and I felt like I had all these entities around me that I accumulated over the years from my youth to now, not to mention all the different karmas and energies of all the drugs I had taken and where they came from and how they were made..I felt like my whole being was sick, I completely embraced being very sick and felt like the Iboga was killing everything bad in me, when I vomited I brought up big black chunks and I thought that was all the negativity and when I had diarrhea I pushed everything out of me, which was ALOT and I hadn't had anything in my system for around 24 hours prior, I didn't get off the toilet until I knew everything was out as I didn't want to have to get up again..I also felt like it was excreting everything I didn't want in my body..Nothing negative can hold onto your being when the Iboga enters it..Hence why they call it the eye of god..

In the first 3 hours I think it is, your not allowed to throw up, as if you do, you may throw up some of the medicine. So I made sure when I was heavily nauseas, my sitter guided me through breathing exercises to stop it, which I did with all that I had, I was breathing long big breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth for a while and I did that twice until I was allowed to throw up.. When I had finished throwing up and also the diarrhea, I was lying down and that was when I started having all my visions, though I was exhausted, it was amazing to see what I did...I also felt completely rebirthed and felt like my body was hollow with beaming light running through my system and felt like the Iboga had done its job and was so thankful to it for everything it had blessed me with...
The morning after, I had still not regained complete sense of smell or taste but knew my body needed food, so mum brought in some pawpaw and asked if I was sure I could eat as some people can't eat for days after as they are just not hungry but I ate the whole bowl lol  You will instinctively know what your body needs after...It is best if you follow this as it will be easier to stick to this after your recovery period...If you dedicate yourself to your *new* being and keeping it, it is good to focus on what your body is telling you...Because your body is beginning again, you have the opportunity to treat it now the way you want and work it the way you want..  I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't eat any animal products anymore as when I was under the Iboga, I saw all the animals of the world and their sadness of humans eating them and all the light dying out whenever one was killed, so I became vegan and because the Iboga erased the memory of what animal products tasted like, it was easy to stick to that.. You will find this when you come out of the Iboga...Things wont taste the same either as you lose the attachment of your previous perception of what things taste like..So you may not like things that you previously liked before... Everything will be like you are trying it for the first time... Same with experiences. The first time you get touched will be like the first time, this was in my case..but im not sure if its in any other case..   Its amazing also when you see outside...When I was walked out in the morning onto the front deck, I looked over at the trees and couldn't believe the colors and how vibrant and glowing they were, I nearly cried at the beauty of it as I had never seen anything like it...

That night it was the lunar eclipse and my sitter made a bon fire out the front , even though I still couldn't walk properly and was still very tired, as you want to sleep a lot after the treatment, I went down and sat by the fire and gave more thanks to the universe for helping me through my treatment and when I looked up to the night sky, I saw what looked like scratch marks on each side of the moon, that looked like it was made from a tiger, which I also saw in my visions as being my animal guide..my sitter thought that was pretty cool and I felt really blessed that I had so much love around me and that I was connected back to the source again and wanted to make sure I never lost that again...
The next day though it was cold and grey, my sitter said it was important to be ducked under the ocean, so hesitantly I agreed as I wanted to do everything properly. I had no swimmers so had to wear a top and my undies and my sitter jumped into the ocean first to help get me in as I was looking around seeing if anyone was watching me as I didn't want to be seen..Anyway I ducked my head under 3 times and bolted out..
For the first couple of weeks out of the Iboga, I didn’t want to talk to anyone I didn’t feel feel completely comfortable with and didn’t want to be seen either...this is completely normal...some people go through this. Mum had to move everyone out of the house so I could go to the toilet as I didn't want to be seen.. That is how it is sometimes...It is important that you are surrounded by positive people and places the first couple of weeks as you will be very sensitive and you will be open to everything and all its elements..You will maybe be emotional also, which I was by the second week and was crying at everything that was slightly beautiful and also sad.. it is important that you be careful what you watch, see, hear and listen to..So beautiful and spiritual music is recommended and also beautiful and spiritual movies... its also good to read as much as you can of anything informative that you would like to know as you will be more open to its information and will be able to store its knowledge better..

I felt so blessed to have such caring people around me while having the Iboga experience, I wish everyone could do this, it was the most amazing thing I have ever done.........Back to testimonials



I have been asked to read the following material to ensure that I am informed of the nature of this treatment, and what will be involved in my participation if I consent to participate. A written informed consent prior to participation in this treatment is necessary so I can know the nature and risks of my participation, and can choose to participate in a free and informed manner. My signature on this form indicates that I have been so informed, both by reading this document and being verbally informed regarding the treatment. I understand and accept both the terms of my participation and the possible risks to myself in participating, and give my consent to undergo treatment.

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring substance that is the single isolated active alkaloid present in the root bark of the shrub Tabernanthe iboga, which is native to west Africa. Ibogaine has been reported to have anti-addictive properties. While ibogaine is considered an oneirophrenic (dream creating substance), it also has effects on neurochemical and neurotransmitter systems in the brain that are believed to be involved in reducing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, depression, and post-treatment cravings. Ibogaine is not currently approved and is considered a Schedule 4 substance in Australia and is now scheduled in New Zealand.


I am voluntarily participating in this treatment, and I am over the age of 18. I hereby state that I have no history of psychosis, nor has there been anyone in my immediate family with psychotic disorder. I also state that I have informed my practitioner of any other mental or physical disability or illness.

I also agree that I have not used any illicit substance or drugs 12 hours prior to my Treatment 24 hours for methadone and 72 hours for amphetamines, and I have not brought any illicit substance, or have same on my person and I am willing to surrender if requested to do so. I have been informed that taking ibogaine with psychotropic drugs is dangerous and can result in death. I also agree not to take any drugs or medications whilst participating in this treatment. I agree to communicate all my medical conditions and current medications as well as ask any questions I might have about the treatment.

I understand that I will be monitored for at least the first 24 hours after taking ibogaine and my treatment will be determined depending on the type of drug I am detoxifying from and my signs of recuperation. If I am not feeling well, and if practitioners are concerned about my current condition, treatment may be discontinued and if I am asked to see a doctor, I am willing to do so.

The risks involved in this study are those incurred by taking ibogaine. Since ibogaine is an experimental substance and no long term side effects have been observed at the dosage that I will receive. However, there have been no clinical studies about long term effects of ibogaine.

Toxicological studies of ibogaine conducted in primates have shown that oral administration at the doses being used for the treatment of opiate and addiction interruption appear to be safe. No long term behavioral or cerebral toxicity has been shown. Clinical studies in human subjects under controlled conditions have shown no long-term adverse affects. These results suggest that oral doses of ibogaine are safe and well tolerated within this dose range.

I understand that the usual doses used to treat addiction can cause distortions in body sensations, perceptions, and thinking. The dosage I administer to myself in this treatment will depend on my body weight, and the drug(s) I am currently taking. The effects of ibogaine ingestion can include abnormal sensory perception, such as visual distortions, visual hallucinations, increased sensitivity to light and sounds, auditory hallucinations, and energetic bodily sensations. Ibogaine can bring to the surface repressed memories from the unconscious, and these images may be observed in an emotionally detached way. Some subjects taking ibogaine report seeing images from their childhood. While these experiences are described by most people as profound and beneficial, to some they may be frightening and may produce anxiety and confusion. By signing this consent form, I hereby indicate my understanding and acceptance of the risks of anxiety and confusion which may be caused (on a temporary basis) by ibogaine ingestion. Descriptions of this state appear more consistent with the experience of dreams, rather than hallucinations.

The effects of ibogaine listed above usually begin 30 minutes to 2 hours after oral administration and can last up to 8 hours. After the visual dream phase, there is a period of intellectual evaluation which can last up to 24 hours. This phase is described as analytical and reflective. Attention is focused on inner subjective experience rather than the external environment and attention during this phase is directed at evaluating the experience of the dreams.

1. Nausea and movement-induced vomiting

2. Ataxia (impaired motor coordination)

3. Visual distortion

4. Decreased need for sleep for several days. This is a frequent and common side effect in opiate detox.

5. Restlessness. This can last several hours.

6. Impairment of concentration and verbal communication. This is usual experienced during the first 6 hours. I understand that these side effects are transitory and wear off completely after approximately 24 to 36 hours, although the reduced need for sleep can last for several days and I may also experience a reduction in appetite.

I hereby attest that I have been informed and understand that there have been reported deaths due to combination of ibogaine and other drugs. I also understand that once treated with ibogaine I will be more sensitive to narcotics and a considerable reduction in tolerance may cause me to easily over dose. I am aware that if I take any drugs during the ibogaine treatment I could die. I agree to hold the individuals or practitioners, including any persons involved in my referral for treatment harmless of any claims, liabilities, or damages which may occur or be determined to have occurred due to the administration of ibogaine. I also understand that if I experience distressing side effects of any sort that appropriate medical services will be provided or I will be referred to the appropriate professional care or facilities. I agree that after my treatment I will seek medical attention if health abnormalities arise.


I understand that my treatment will be held in confidentiality and all members participating will be held in confidentiality for the protection of my character and theirs.


I understand the side effects and harms that can be caused by participating in any experimental treatment program, despite the use of high standards of care. Known side effects have been described to me both verbally and in this document. I have been able to ask all the questions I may have about the treatment, and they have been answered clearly and in detail, and I fully understand the answers that have been provided to me. I have read and fully understand the information, and I am participating in this treatment freely and voluntarily.

Signature and date ________________________________________